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The Law Offices of Adam J Katz, P.A. provides high quality commercial and consumer collection and recovery services. Our firm has almost 20 years experience assisting our clients collect over-due receivables.

As a member of NARCA (National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys) as well as serving as General Counsel for a large and well established collection agency, the Firm has extensive skill and knowledge in both the recovery of distressed debt as well as compliance and the understanding of all State and Federal Legislation such as the FDCPA, FCRA, HIPAA, FCCPA and other adopted State Legislation throughout the Country.

Our team uses data driven decision making to segment account portfolios to maxmize recovery results. Unlike most law firms we do not litigate every account. We provide our clients with pre-litigation and low balance account recovery for accounts not meeting determined litigation criteria.

Our team understands the best strategies for collecting all types of accounts with a focus on some of the more common forms of bad debt including:

Our law firm provides a NO FEE GUARENTEE unless we are able to recover funds for you. We work with clients of all sizes to create cash flow from delinquent and charged-off commercial and consumer accounts. From 1 account to over 10,000 accounts our team can service your delinquent and charged-off receivables and put cash in your pocket.

The Law Offices of Adam J Katz, P.A. represents all types of creditors in collections and recovery services. From major banks to local South Florida businesses, or firm helps you to understand your rights as a creditor and determine clear strategies for recovering funds.

We are active participants in NARCA, DBA International and ACA International.










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