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Association Management

The Law Firm of Adam J Katz, P.A. represents Florida homeowners associations from initial developer turnovers through corporate governance and disputes. It is extremely important to convey the proper message of assistance and enhancement to the members of the HOA to help encourage community unity. However, when members either refuse to cooperate or simply disagree with rules and regulations, it is important to have an action plan to quickly settle the dispute while maintaining order in the community. No matter the extent of your HOA’s enforcement, our firm can manage these situations and provide guidance for a resolution.

Initial developer turnover can be a confusing process and our firm has the experience to organize each party for a smooth transaction. We can help your new HOA by explaining each step of the turnover process, informing you of which documents the developer should provide, filing the correct corporate documents by their designated deadlines, and can even help you with planning your turnover meeting to make sure all of the items on the agenda are appropriately addressed. Our firm is also ready to assist HOAs with handling any time sensitive construction disputes that may arise in your new community.

Our firm can assist HOA governing bodies with the development, legal review and alterations of the corporate documents as well as the enforcement of these rules and regulations. Our experience and services  include collection of dues, creation and evaluation of annual budgets, assessment review, board meeting assistance, and any other situation that may occur. Enforcement of the rules and regulations sometimes lead to homeowner violations ranging in severity. Unfortunately, not all disputes can be resolved amicably, and Florida law requires these matters be handled through mediation primarily. However, if these matters are not settled through mediation, a lawsuit can be filed. Our firm has experience with these proceedings and can provide the proper assistance.

Whether your HOA is new and just beginning to handle community life, or if your HOA is in existence and would like utilize our experience and guidance, please call us now at
to speak with one of our experienced legal professionals.

Landlord Tenant

Landlord/Tenant disputes can come from a variety of different situations and our staff is highly trained to handle all aspects of these complex legal matters for both plaintiffs and defendants. We help our clients understand their rights and obligations at each step of the process setting appropriate expectations.

Representing Landlords & Investors

Our attorneys can assist you with preparing an approriate leasing agreement for your commercial or residential property and an understanding of how potential clients should be screened. Having a well written lease agreement can clear any ambiguity regarding each party's rights and obligations.

If a tenant has not paid their rent pursuiant to the lease agreement Law Offices of Adam J Katz, P.A. can assist you with regaining posession of the property and pursuing any monies owed according to the lease. In Florida, eviction proceedings are a statutory process and we will guide you through the process to acheive results.

Representing Tenants

Alternatively our firm also represents residential and commercial tenants to assist with relieving lease agreement breaches by landlords. There are minimum legal obligations that must be met by landlords beyond your lease agreement.

Our attorneys can help you understand your rights and obligations as a tenant. We can help you to negotiate with landlords or compell them to comply with their responsibilities.











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