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Our expertise lies in all aspects of Property Management, including evictions, unlawful detainers, collections and the representation of Home Owner Associations. As an Agency/Law Firm, we offer something very unique to our clients to the extent that we can maximize recovery and liquidation at a high rate, while keeping costs and expenses to our clients at a minimum. The protocol and management of accounts understands that “time’ is a key element in recovery for your industry and an ongoing cash flow is critical to effectively operate on a daily basis. This is drastically different than virtually all other areas of collections. Our Firm addresses a key element which cannot be achieved by an Agency or Law Firm independently. That is, an Agency does not have the “legal backbone” and a Law Firm does not understand “collections” and the urgency for immediate recovery. Additionally, we understand that the relationship which we establish is one of long term and must mutually benefit both parties, thus, our representing your interest is not predicated on accruing Statutory Attorney’s Fees, which will frustrate and often prevent the immediate liquidation of the respective account.

  • HOA Representation
  • Condominium Representation

Rather, through diligent and effective collection strategies which are implemented immediately upon placement of an account, the emphasis is on a quick recovery with the ‘last resort” being a legal remedy permitted by law. With this mantra, the client’s interests and objectives are always primary and it avoids the inherent conflict which arises with most law firms, that being, the Firm is primarily interested in accruing fees which often exceed the delinquent assessment owed, thus, this has either a complete chilling effect on liquidation or significantly delays recovery to the detriment of the client. In this common scenario, clients often become frustrated, if not angry with the respective law firm as they are correct in concluding that their “best interests” are not being properly advocated.


– Adam J Katz, Esq.